Allah’s Live messenger (may serenity feel up on him) said: Khaibar is actually destroyed

Allah’s Live messenger (may serenity feel up on him) said: Khaibar is actually destroyed

Abu Musa reported that Allah’s Live messenger (can get peace feel abreast of him) said about one who emancipated a servant woman, after which hitched their own, one to possess him there are 2 rewards.

They said: Messenger out-of Allah, we are within the good state ‘How would you come across your loved ones?

Anas (Allah be pleased with him) reported: I became resting behind Abu Talha at the time off Khaibar and you will my personal foot handled the latest legs of Allah’s Messenger (age (to people away from Khaibar) if sunlight got risen and additionally they had driven away its cows, along with on their own appear and their axes, large bins and you will hatchets, in addition they told you: (Here already been) Muhammad in addition to army. Verily as soon as we get down throughout the valley from an us, worst ‘s the morning of informed of these (al-Qur’an, xxxvii. Allah, brand new Majestic as well as the Marvelous, defeated her or him (brand new inhabitants of Khaibar), there dropped towards lot of Dihya a gorgeous girl, and you can Allah’s Live messenger (get comfort be up on your) got their unique in exchange regarding 7 thoughts, then trusted her to help you Umm Sulaim to make certain that she you will embellish her and you may prepare yourself their (for marriage) which have him.

He (the fresh narrator) said: He had been beneath the perception he got said that to make sure that she you will purchase her age ‘Iddah in her own (Umm Sulaim’s) home. Allah’s Messenger (may serenity feel through to your) developed the wedding feast including schedules, cheese, and you will subtle butter, and you may pits have been dug and you can sections was basically place in her or him dining cloths, there is introduced parmesan cheese and you can subtle butter, and they was in fact place indeed there. It said: In the event the the guy (the newest Holy Prophet) tends to make their particular wear the fresh veil, up coming she would end up being an excellent (totally free married) lady, and if however not create their particular wear the latest veil, up coming she would be a servant woman.

Plus the anybody consumed on their fill, and they said: We do not discover whether the guy (the Holy Prophet) got married their own (as the a totally free lady), or given that a servant woman

When he intended to drive, the guy produced their don the new veil and you may she sat towards hind the main camel; so they came to remember that he’d married their. While they approached Medina, Allah’s Messenger (could possibly get serenity feel abreast of your) drove (their experience) quickly and so we performed. The guy (brand new Holy Prophet) stood up-and secured her. The guy (the fresh new narrator) said: I told you: Aba Hamza, performed Allah’s Live messenger (will get serenity be on your) most fall-down? He told you: Sure, by Allah, the guy indeed decrease off. Anas said: In addition saw the marriage feast away from Zainab, and then he (the Holy Prophet) served money and you may animal meat to people, making him or her consume on their heart’s blogs, and he (the fresh new Holy Prophet) delivered us to call anyone, and as he had been totally free (throughout the service) he endured up and I used your.

Several persons have been remaining and they was indeed active in the talking and you can did not escape (of the apartment). The guy (the fresh Holy Prophet) after that continued towards the (the newest rentals away from) their spouses. He welcomed with once the-Salamu ‘alaikum to each and every among them and you can told you: People in your family, how could you be? However say: When you look at the good state. As he is actually free from (this functions out-of selling and buying greetings) he returned, and i also came back together with him. And also as the guy reached the doorway, (he found) that the one or two men remained hectic in the speaking. While they saw your having came back, it endured up and sought out; and also by Allah !

I don’t see whether or not I got advised your, or you will find the truth in order to him (into connect with) they had gone. The guy (the fresh new Holy Prophet) up coming returned and that i returned and additionally him, and as he lay his step-on the brand new tolerance away from his home he strung an excellent curtain Д°Еџte bulgular anywhere between me personally and your, and you may (it had been on this occasion) one Allah found this verse: («O you just who believe), do not go into the households of your Prophet unless consent is actually supplied to ‘you» (xxxiii.

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